Real Wood Floors

Who is Real Wood?

Real Wood helps children find homes, families and futures.
They just happen to make beautiful flooring as well.

Flooring For A Cause
"Knowing Your Why Makes All The Difference."

The Mission

Real Wood's focus is to help children around the world without families of their own to move from hopeless, to hopeful. For some children, it’s to have homes. Some to be adopted into Forever Families. Others to get a helping hand in education to open wide their possibilities. To have futures full of hope that weren’t there before.

The Means

For over forty years, Real Wood has been designing, producing and supplying the finest flooring in the world. They work hard to craft flooring that meets every purpose, design and budget. Every floor purchase directly contributes to their mission.

Gather Inspiration From Projects By Real Wood Floors

RealWoodFloors Longhouse Old Frisian
RealWoodFloors Ponderosa Laredo
RealWoodFloors Silvian Stone
Real Wood Floors
Real Wood Floors

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